The Designer Feeding Selfie Addiction

Timur Kim, a graduate from the widely acclaimed Central Saint Martins College, is now designing tees for the technologically adept and self-absorbed. Selfie addicts worldwide can now purchase shirts that guarantees, by Timur's perspective, more likes, follows, comments and a one-up in social media stardom. 

Neck bound graphics are the common motif throughout the pieces, which allow only what matters within the frame of the picture. No doubt, these tees are indefinitely going to nurture the narcissism of these selfie kings and queens, as they are all unisex. But, contrary to the purpose of his collection, Timur himself admits "I like to keep to myself, and I don't like to be photographed". 

Alas, the real message behind the collection is revealed - to comment on and raise our awareness of the increasing blur between self-respect and self-love that is being fuelled by social media addiction. Smile in front of the mirror and camera for yourself, not the appreciation of people who don't know you.

Images: Timur Kim and Oyster
Source: Oyster

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