OUTRAGE | Cultural Offence on The Catwalk

Trelise Cooper has been the subject of unwanted negative attention when she released models on the catwalk wearing Native American Head Dresses at her New Zealand Fashion Week show. Her intention was to reflect the beauty of the headwear, but ignorantly missed the fact that debasing deeply spiritual and sacred items for the sake of fashion goes over the line of risqué.

An overwhelming backlash against the designer's poor choice was seen throughout various social media networks. Most were an attack on how she labelled the look as "'70s bohemian vibes" on Instagram, satirising her blindness to the racist overtones, despite her later apology upon realising the offence she has caused

But, as someone who produces and distributes products that are supposed to be a reflection of society and culture, she has not done such a thing. As avant-garde and daring as some designers are, you still have a responsibility of being aware of the good and bad implications of your work, and hopefully Dame Trelise will completely avoid Racist Road again.

Images: Buzzfeed, Steph Adams and TVNZ

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