OUTRAGE | Zara's Holocaust Tee

No one wants to be reminded of grim times, and many Zara shoppers were shocked to see an innocent kids t-shirt reflecting the ignorance the design team possesses. The t-shirt is scarily similar to uniform worn by Holocaust prisoners of war during the height of the regime in the late 1930's-mid 40's. 

The brand did not intend for the garment to cause offence, and was supposedly inspired by the Wild West, hence the star embellishment on the breast. But the insignia with the word "Sheriff" can only be seen up-close, contributing to the misinterpretation by shoppers, thinking it was the infamous Yellow Triangle badge. 

Since the social media backlash by many offended members of the public, particularly on Twitter, the brand has recalled the shirts and repeatedly apologised for the mishap. The root of the problem is that Zara's clothing is designed by a team, who are obviously unaware of the mega-following and ultra-aware market the brand targets, and is questionable as to how this design ever was approved without proper research.

Source: BBC News

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