Miu Miu's Shack of Love

Prada's sassier sister brand, Miu Miu, has released a more praised than controversial campaign for their Spring/Summer 2013 collection. The campaign features supermodel Adriana Lima, who has no doubt secured her modelling comeback in this campaign, following the steps of Kate Moss. In this campaign, the clothes seem more like a backing to the exploration of female relationships and interaction, whilst the claustrophobic music of Biosphere heightens the closeness and underlying menace of women when together. Now, the campaign is not for the prejudice, since the video and images depicts romance, seduction and hints of lesbianism, but all this equates to a beautiful, endearing campaign that addresses the increasing acceptance of female empowerment and sexuality. Watch the advertising campaign below:

Note: go to the official Miu Miu channel to see each model up close in their personal campaigns
Images and video courtesy of Miu Miu



Quentin De Briey, one the fashion industry's hidden gems of photographers, has shot male model, Bastian Thiery, in an elegantly architectural editorial, which emphasizes the increasing comeback of minimal fashion as seen in the 1990s, but with a post-modern twist. A hint of metallic is seen in the Burberry Prorsum coat and clever panelling in the Bottega Veneta blazer, but how can one not ignore the sheer brilliance of the locations which complement the composition of the photographs and the intriguing fashion? The dualities and displacement of the model in the built environment remind me of the film, "Stay", one of my favourite films of all time. Screen test or not, this simple editorial shoot is one that forces you to understand the link between fashion, film and architecture, especially in Minimalism fashion.

Images courtesy of Life is not a Rehearsal



Calvin Klein is utlizing their man-of-the-moment model, Alexander Skarsgard, to revamp the edge which the brand has always epitomized in their latest campaign film, "Provocations". The mesmerizing film is directed by Fabien Baron, the Editorial Director for one of the world's top magazines, Interview. The film is an ode to the ever increasing technological dependence of the world, the loss of love in times of rapid change, and the need for closeness to others which seems almost impossible nowadays. The film somewhat reflects the settings and storylines of films such as Gattaca, Aeon Flux and even The Island - a mix of Sci-Fi, Romance Film Noir and Drama. This intoxicating film is one of the best fashion campaigns I have witnessed, further deepening my loyalty to the Calvin Klein label.

Video courtesy of the official Calvin Klein Youtube channel

Note: one can change the story via the youtube channel, create your own Provocations narrative


Fendi's New Fountain

The glorious Trevi Fountain in Rome, Italy, a popular tourist destination and a significant Italian historical piece of architecture, is to be restored under a project initiated by Fendi. Sophia Venuturi Fendi, Creative Director and Head Designer for Fendi, and the illustrious King of Fashion, Karl Lagerfeld, will be running the initiative. The project aims not only to bring renewed life into the fountain, but also merge the creative forces of Fendi and Lagerfeld to further emphasize the importance of Fashion in Italian arts and culture. I look forward to seeing the undoubtedly beautiful result of the project! Watch the video below for more information on the project.

Images courtesy of Blogs.ft and Wikipedia
Video courtesy of the official Fendi Youtube channel


Comedy at its most Fashionable

You have to admit, the fashion industry takes itself too seriously, right? But Alexander Wang has decided to break that rule and come out with a hilarious campaign promoting their latest collection, featuring the one and only Bon Qui Qui! Watch as she (Anjelah Johnson) gives her terrible take on customer service to some of the fashion industry's most important people - hip hop fashionisto A$AP Rocky, Victoria's Secret angel Alessandra Ambrosio, American model Shannan Click and actress Natasha Lyonne. She even dares to tell the Creative Director of Barneys New York, Simon Doonan, that he needs fashion tips! My favourite quote from the whole campaign, as if there weren't enough - "This isn't Osh Kosh Begosh, so you better Osh Kosh, BE GONE!" Brings me to tears of laughter every time!

Video and image courtesy of Alexander Wang


Gucci's Turning Japanese

Gucci has channeled their inner Japanese Manga artist to bring their 2013 Cruise Collection to the market in loony toony fashion. Well, they called on Hirohiko Araki to conjure a special comic strip to highlight the story of the clothes in a way that captures the attention of both fashion and animation enthusiasts, and what a wonderful job he has done. These high fashion pieces are ever more desirable when it is drawn, most likely resembling the original sketch designs by Frida Giannini, Creative Director and Designer for Gucci. Make sure to visit the Gucci Manga Style page to have a look at the campaign, and with Manga, remember to always read right to left!

The campaign can be viewed HERE
Images courtesy of Gucci