Calvin Klein is utlizing their man-of-the-moment model, Alexander Skarsgard, to revamp the edge which the brand has always epitomized in their latest campaign film, "Provocations". The mesmerizing film is directed by Fabien Baron, the Editorial Director for one of the world's top magazines, Interview. The film is an ode to the ever increasing technological dependence of the world, the loss of love in times of rapid change, and the need for closeness to others which seems almost impossible nowadays. The film somewhat reflects the settings and storylines of films such as Gattaca, Aeon Flux and even The Island - a mix of Sci-Fi, Romance Film Noir and Drama. This intoxicating film is one of the best fashion campaigns I have witnessed, further deepening my loyalty to the Calvin Klein label.

Video courtesy of the official Calvin Klein Youtube channel

Note: one can change the story via the youtube channel, create your own Provocations narrative

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