H&M loves Australia

Karl Lagerfeld x H&M

Versace x H&M

The excitement within the local fashion-conscious community is rising as the first ever Australian H&M (Hennes & Mauritz) store is set to open in 2014. The fast fashion label, known for providing the mass accessibility to the luxurious fashion designs of Karl Lagerfeld, Lanvin, Marni, Versace, Maison Martin Margiela and more recently, Isabel Marant, have a little surprise for keen Australian fashionistas...

Maison Martin Margiela x H&M

News has hit that the multinational Swedish label will release a specially designed collection for Australian customers, aptly named "Australia Exclusive". The collection, according to the press release, has been designed to suit the outdoorsy lifestyle of Australians. The pieces will only be available at the Melbourne flagship store, meaning Melbournians will be in for a fashion riot worth seeing, if of course they aren't there amongst the chaos.

Isabel Marant x H&M

The Australian H&M Flagship store will open in 2014, with menswear, womenswear, underwear and home wares available throughout.

Images courtesy of H&M


The Family Tree

Where would we be without family? Our family is an intrinsic part of our lives and all of us rely on the love and care of those closest to us. Families are also an integral image associated with the Dolce & Gabbana label, with most of their seasonal campaigns featuring family members in a luxurious setting. Now let's get real, families aren't always dressed in regal Italian clothing, but at least we can now part-take in a celebration of the realness of family life in the label's latest project - #DGFAMILY

The project allows us to upload a family portrait and customise it using the iconic D&G logo, giving us a chance to immerse our family into the world of Dolce & Gabbana. The fantasy of the unattainable is common in all, or most, of us, so let's all join in and add a touch of Italian glamour to our beloved family portraits!

Join the #DGFAMILY Project now at www.dolcegabbana.com!

Images courtesy of Dolce & Gabbana


Replicated Memories

A completely sensory experience that is worth capturing is what creates a life full of memories, and sometimes, the scents of the environment are one of the most memorable of that moment. The renegade luxury fashion house of Maison Martin Margiela has decided to use the contemporary spaces of Galerie Jousse Entreprise to allow people to rediscover the wonder of the moments that we live, which is unfortunately undervalued in today's techno-driven society. The Maison has asked various worldly artists to share memories close to their hearts, inspired by the "Replica" fragrance. A simple, yet touching, way to show that the moments we live every day are not to be taken for granted.

The #smellslikememories exhibition is now on in the Galerie Jousse Entreprise, Paris, France.

Images courtesy of Maison Martin Margiela


Organic Psychedelia

The marriage of Fashion and Art is built on the foundation of collaboration, continually wowing enthusiasts of both industries - now, the extremist styles of two prolific figures in their fields have come together to release a collection of truly wearable art pieces. The regally macabre Alexander McQueen has called on the legendary artistic talent that is Damien Hirst for a collection of luxurious scarves.

Not only is this a celebration of these two highly influential creative industries, but a nod to the iconic Skull print  scarves by Alexander McQueen, first appearing 10 years ago. The scarves, made from either Chiffon, PongĂ©, Twill or Cashmere, feature atmospherical and non-conventional animal prints that undeniably show the talent and skill of both Hirst and the McQueen label. Prints full of insect life by Hirst are carefully designed to stay true to the McQueen's orderly interpretation of Medieval-Christian pattern work, Surrealism and Op Art.

The combination of Mr. Hirst's illustrations of organic psychedelia and the regality of the religious, dark and historical themes within the Alexander McQueen aesthetic will definitely boost the enthusiasm of loyalists, but also spark the interest of those who appreciate the rarity of such a collaboration. The scarves are available from the official Alexander McQueen website and boutiques worldwide from November 15, check out the complete collection via the below sites.

Images courtesy of T Magazine, Glamour.com and The Telegraph


A Place For New Stories

Earlier this year, Prada launched their Prada Journal project, focused on allowing rising or unrecognised literary talent from around the world to submit a story based on the concept of the eyeglass in the aim of getting the recognition they deserve.

Miuccia Prada called on the reliable Italian publisher, Feltrinelli Editore, to open up the world of words amongst the highly image driven industry of fashion. To accompany the launch of the Prada Journal gallery, the winners of the contest were announced on the night, giving these promising writers a chance to read their work to the literary, journalistic and fashion elite to revel in their stories. 

Amongst the abundance of entries, five writers emerged as the best. The five winners include Mattia Conti from Italy, Leisl Egan from Australia, Angel Mario Fernandez from Argentina, Sarah Harris Wallman from USA and Peng Yang from China. These five names are surely going to be known in the publishing and literary world, and congratulations to them!

For more information on the project and gallery, FOLLOW THIS LINK

Images courtesy of Prada