OUTRAGE | Stereotypes Must Be Broken

Most of the people I know have encountered some degree of bigotry based on a stereotype surrounding their race, gender, whatever. It's unavoidable. But, of all things, an online matchmaking network is now campaigning against the stereotypes we unknowingly hold within our psyche. The Indian website, Truly Madly's campaign sees a variety people of different walks of life to break the bias with a simple statement that contradicts the stereotype that surrounds their behaviour, personality, beliefs, work, passions and style.

As you can already see, a common misconception that is addressed in the campaign is the conflict (or balance) of work and the person's true calling and passion. In a time when entrepreneurial pursuits and a flourish of the creative industries, there are as many people catching the dream and questioning their own and other people's choice in working within art, music, fashion, architecture and the like. As I myself am working within what some people deem a fickle industry, the breaking of these stereotypes surrounding my passion is important to bring clarity as to what I do for a living. 

These aren't the only issues addressed, as the campaign targets language barriers, socioeconomic status, materialism, vegetarianism/veganism, homophobia and gender roles. Obviously, the goal of the campaign is to bring down any barriers that stop two people making a connection on the website, but it's unquestionable that it also serves as a deterrent of narrow-mindedness - something that we all have to some degree.

Or Dostoyevsky!

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Source: Truly Madly


OUTRAGE | Stop The Beauty Madness

There is no question, challenging beauty standards has been around for a while, but there is promise in the determination of people who are standing up for body confidence. The latest campaign to glorify our natural beauty, called "Stop The Beauty Madness", has been created by Robin Rice from Be Who You Are. This series of 25 advertisements clarifies to viewers what many women, and men, face when deemed imperfect in terms of looks. 

Beauty issues that are addressed within the campaign include the prejudicial claim that all thin women are anorexic, the nature of beauty within different subcultures, and a fighting statement against the finding of the optimal anti-ageing solution. Another beauty issue being addressed, which has come to fruition as of late, is "Colourism" - the intra-racial preference for paler skin, and the damaging lengths some men and women go to to achieve porcelain skin, a trend very popular in Asian populations. This does not exclude the chase for the perfect golden bronze tinge many women, and men, want within the Western World.

The myriad of identity issues that correlate with beauty standards are broken down in full force within the campaign. The main message that comes through is that whatever age, gender, lifestyle, body type and ethnicity you are, we have to accept ourselves for who we are, and be proud of it!

For a look at the complete campaign, head to www.stopthebeautymadness.com

Images courtesy of Refinery29
Source: Refinery29


Conchita Wurst models for Jean Paul Gaultier

Today marked the modelling debut for transgender pop star, Conchita Wurst, and with none other than the eclectic fashion legend, Jean Paul Gaultier. Smack bang in the middle of Autumn/Winter 2014 Haute Couture week in Paris, the two made a stand against LGBTI prejudice. Conchita's debut is one step towards trans acceptance within society, and also towards diversity within the modelling industry. Jean Paul Gaultier is no stranger to showing his admiration for the bold and daring figures of the times - with the body confident Beth Ditto and out-of-this-era sex bomb, Dita Von Teese, in shows past. As Gaultier says, "Beauty is difference" - a value we must all possess, and one in which he regularly conveys throughout his collections and campaigns.

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Let's Watch | Mother Marina for Adidas

The Mother of Performance Art's collaborative campaign with Adidas for the 2014 FIFA World Cup is well and truly a reflection of the hypocritical nature of the promises we give to ourselves and the isolation we seek from others in this technologically driven world. There is a paradox within the majority of the population nowadays - most of us want to be closer to more people, to be more communal, but our actions do not reflect that - this simple social experiment aims to address this.

 The campaign, named Work Relation, shows 3 different social groups performing the same task. Two individuals, two couples, and a chain of people, carrying stones from one end of the room to the other. Mundane and easy it may sound, but as the performance goes on, it turns out us as individuals or couples give up sooner than as a group. Bang.

The subtlety of Adidas' product placement is overshadowed by the raw relevance of what is being conveyed - we have to come back to a time when connections are made not through technology, not through the Internet, but through face to face interaction, whether it be for work or for leisure. I myself am a hypocrite for having to say this to you, but it may be the only way to inspire change nowadays.


Watch the performance at www.showstudio.com

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OUTRAGE | Robots of Riccardo

Simeon Georgiev's Nike Robotics series sees the infusion of fashion and technology, symbolizing the male model in his robotic stature, carelessly displaying clothes he may not even want to wear. These artworks are a discrete reminder of the inevitable fusion of man and machine, and ever more so now because just recently, his artworks have expanded, incorporating iconic Givenchy elements into the robots. 

At first glance it may just seem cool, but the fact that Givenchy was chosen as the motif may not be a coincidence. The overwhelming acclaim the Creative Director, Riccardo Tisci, has been receiving over the last 4 years has made many around the world followers of the once bourgeois fashion house. The fact that the robots are male and aren't physiologically attuned to what they're doing are reflective of his empirical grip on pushing forward the trends in men's fashion, without many men aware of the fashion house they've fell in love with.

View the full series of Givenchy Nike Robotics by Simeon Georgiev HERE.

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OUTRAGE | Louis Vuitton's Racist Runt

The London Louis Vuitton boutique where racism regularly took place

This is just an example of the remarks a former employee of the Parisian fashion house, Louis Vuitton, has been subject to by their former manager, The Mirror reports. Obviously the thoughts of an prejudicial individual, there are further reports of the former manager stating that "[Louis Vuitton] products are shit because they are made in China", and his consistent snide comments about Asians.

"Stop Racism" - Walter van Beirendonck sends out a message to the fashion industry

The issue of racism is not new within the fashion industry, but to be reminded of its presence is unsettling. This may all too much remind many fashion followers of Tommy Hilfiger's downfall, John Galliano's anti-semitic remarks and that unspeakable incident in Alexander McQueen's New York Meatpacking district boutique, just to name a few. One thing is common amongst these incidents, and that is that they led to the detriment of the respective fashion house in one way or another, and Louis Vuitton being subject to this curse may mean the same.

With injustice comes justice, and the former employee who was subject to this verbal treatment has sued the fashion house, despite a spokesperson claiming the label has a zero-tolerance policy for any kind of harassment. Luckily, the racist individual in question has left the company. 

Image courtesy of E + M Tecnica and Complex
Source: Fashionista and The Mirror


OUTRAGE | Fashion Aids The Favelas

Pharrell WIlliams' custom designed World Cup Brazuca up for auction

Rio de Janeiro - a city that most of the world is looking upon in awe as soccer teams from across the globe vouch for The FIFA World Cup. But at what price? There is audience that is close to the action but equally as far from it - the people of The Favelas. To avert the attention away from the games and to focus on what needs to be done, high fashion retailer Luisaviaroma has teamed up with a group of designers to recreate the Adidas Brazuca match balls for a charitable project. 

A range of customized designer Brazucas. Football has never looked so good!

In an effort to aid the next generation living within The Favelas, renowned fashion designers have gathered to fund the Gol de Letra foundation by adding their own personal touches to the Adidas Brazuca. From the wonderfully colourful designs of Antonio Marras, Etro and MSGM and the darker, more sexual few of Rick Owens, Gareth Pugh and Fausto Puglisi, it's clear the call for action has brought these designers to support the foundation and its humanitarian cause.

My personal favourite - Missoni. Rejoice in the spirit of the World Cup!
The World Cup doesn't have to be at the cost of the welfare of this perservering community, so see the full range of Brazucas, how you can help the children of The Favelas and enter the auction at www.luisaviaroma.com.

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