OUTRAGE | Robots of Riccardo

Simeon Georgiev's Nike Robotics series sees the infusion of fashion and technology, symbolizing the male model in his robotic stature, carelessly displaying clothes he may not even want to wear. These artworks are a discrete reminder of the inevitable fusion of man and machine, and ever more so now because just recently, his artworks have expanded, incorporating iconic Givenchy elements into the robots. 

At first glance it may just seem cool, but the fact that Givenchy was chosen as the motif may not be a coincidence. The overwhelming acclaim the Creative Director, Riccardo Tisci, has been receiving over the last 4 years has made many around the world followers of the once bourgeois fashion house. The fact that the robots are male and aren't physiologically attuned to what they're doing are reflective of his empirical grip on pushing forward the trends in men's fashion, without many men aware of the fashion house they've fell in love with.

View the full series of Givenchy Nike Robotics by Simeon Georgiev HERE.

Source: Highsnobiety

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