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There is no question, challenging beauty standards has been around for a while, but there is promise in the determination of people who are standing up for body confidence. The latest campaign to glorify our natural beauty, called "Stop The Beauty Madness", has been created by Robin Rice from Be Who You Are. This series of 25 advertisements clarifies to viewers what many women, and men, face when deemed imperfect in terms of looks. 

Beauty issues that are addressed within the campaign include the prejudicial claim that all thin women are anorexic, the nature of beauty within different subcultures, and a fighting statement against the finding of the optimal anti-ageing solution. Another beauty issue being addressed, which has come to fruition as of late, is "Colourism" - the intra-racial preference for paler skin, and the damaging lengths some men and women go to to achieve porcelain skin, a trend very popular in Asian populations. This does not exclude the chase for the perfect golden bronze tinge many women, and men, want within the Western World.

The myriad of identity issues that correlate with beauty standards are broken down in full force within the campaign. The main message that comes through is that whatever age, gender, lifestyle, body type and ethnicity you are, we have to accept ourselves for who we are, and be proud of it!

For a look at the complete campaign, head to www.stopthebeautymadness.com

Images courtesy of Refinery29
Source: Refinery29

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