OUTRAGE | Louis Vuitton's Racist Runt

The London Louis Vuitton boutique where racism regularly took place

This is just an example of the remarks a former employee of the Parisian fashion house, Louis Vuitton, has been subject to by their former manager, The Mirror reports. Obviously the thoughts of an prejudicial individual, there are further reports of the former manager stating that "[Louis Vuitton] products are shit because they are made in China", and his consistent snide comments about Asians.

"Stop Racism" - Walter van Beirendonck sends out a message to the fashion industry

The issue of racism is not new within the fashion industry, but to be reminded of its presence is unsettling. This may all too much remind many fashion followers of Tommy Hilfiger's downfall, John Galliano's anti-semitic remarks and that unspeakable incident in Alexander McQueen's New York Meatpacking district boutique, just to name a few. One thing is common amongst these incidents, and that is that they led to the detriment of the respective fashion house in one way or another, and Louis Vuitton being subject to this curse may mean the same.

With injustice comes justice, and the former employee who was subject to this verbal treatment has sued the fashion house, despite a spokesperson claiming the label has a zero-tolerance policy for any kind of harassment. Luckily, the racist individual in question has left the company. 

Image courtesy of E + M Tecnica and Complex
Source: Fashionista and The Mirror

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