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Most of the people I know have encountered some degree of bigotry based on a stereotype surrounding their race, gender, whatever. It's unavoidable. But, of all things, an online matchmaking network is now campaigning against the stereotypes we unknowingly hold within our psyche. The Indian website, Truly Madly's campaign sees a variety people of different walks of life to break the bias with a simple statement that contradicts the stereotype that surrounds their behaviour, personality, beliefs, work, passions and style.

As you can already see, a common misconception that is addressed in the campaign is the conflict (or balance) of work and the person's true calling and passion. In a time when entrepreneurial pursuits and a flourish of the creative industries, there are as many people catching the dream and questioning their own and other people's choice in working within art, music, fashion, architecture and the like. As I myself am working within what some people deem a fickle industry, the breaking of these stereotypes surrounding my passion is important to bring clarity as to what I do for a living. 

These aren't the only issues addressed, as the campaign targets language barriers, socioeconomic status, materialism, vegetarianism/veganism, homophobia and gender roles. Obviously, the goal of the campaign is to bring down any barriers that stop two people making a connection on the website, but it's unquestionable that it also serves as a deterrent of narrow-mindedness - something that we all have to some degree.

Or Dostoyevsky!

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Source: Truly Madly

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