Merry Christmas!

Tiffany & Co. 2010 Christmas campaign

Merry Christmas everybody! I hope you're all doing well and enjoy the next couple of days with all your loved ones!
May we not forget the meaning of Christmas - the birth of Jesus Christ.
I also want to wish all the less fortunate a Merry Christmas, may your lives become better through the joy Christmas fills our hearts with!


The Ray-Ban 2011 Photography Awards

Last week I attended the Ray-Ban Photography Awards with my good friend Serena!
It was an interesting night in a little out of the way gallery filled with free Tiger Beer, Sydney's hipster scene, questionable photographs and a party bus.
And yes, Anja Konstantinova was there. I admit, I was a bit starstruck haha.
If you want to check out the entries and winners of the awards, visit http://www.pedestrian.tv/ray-ban-photography-awards/ !

The winners of the awards being announced

Quirky artworks made entirely out of snapbacks and Ray-Ban sunglasses
We love Tiger Beer, obviously
All images courtesy of Pedestrian


Coffs Harbour

Over the weekend I stayed in Coffs Harbour with my friend Gavin, and the weather and beautiful scenery gave us the perfect opportunity to take some wonderful landscape and fashion shots. These shots were taken at Digger's Beach where we stayed and another beach down the coast, which I unfortunately forgot the name of.

All images taken by C. Aguilar

Raffles Graduate Fashion Show 2011

The mysterious blue door aka entrance to the show
My college, as all design colleges should, invite friends, family and VIPs to witness the outstanding creations which their graduates have worked so hard to create and bring to life. The theme for my college's Graduate Fashion Show this year is "Couture on Ice", which is such a fitting theme for the times that we live in. It gave graduates an opportunity to express their stance on the global climate and the economic downturn.

The chaos brewing backstage before the show
The show was wonderful, the chili atmosphere enhanced by the snow storm effects and haunting music presented to the audience a dark perspective on what couture will turn into in the coming years. The collections were certainly inspired by some of the fashion industry's brooding characters, such as Alexander Wang, Gareth Pugh, Helmut Lang and Zara Gorman. But, there was one standout collection which definitely drew inspirations from the late and great Alexander McQueen's menswear collections, which I have a video of which you can view (below).

Myself, Kathleen and one of the models, Nina
I am very proud of my college's fashion design graduates, and with their creations I predict they will do very well in the fashion industry. Their couture collections screamed out "London Avant-Garde" to me, which I loved most about the collections in the show as a whole. I also forgot to mention, I cannot believe I was in the presence of both Akira Isogawa, and Ben Pollitt, the designer for Friedrich Gray and Chronicles of Never, who were at the show!

All images taken by me and K. Nguyen


Junya Watanabe Man FW11/12

Words cannot explain how much I love this collection and this runway show in particular. I haven't watched a show that has left an impact on me for such a long time, it was refreshing to finally watch one that caught my attention the whole way through.

The undeniable classiness of the collection is complemented by the piano piece in the background, despite the various ramblings heard throughout. The clever use of the park bench brings an intimate element to the show, bringing down the models to the audience's level and thus creating a relationship between the pieces and those who will potentially wear these wonderful creations in the future. 

The modern Dandy is epitomised in the collection and that is what I truly love, and once again, the park bench complements the theme perfectly, with the models embodying the modern day gentleman whilst sitting on the bench. I've always admired Junya Watanabe, and this has definitely elevated my respect for this Japanese designer.

Video courtesy of fashionbymario


Backstage: Chanel Cruise 2012 fashion show - Sydney

Waiting patiently for my models...
What a way to start the Spring Summer season here in Sydney by working backstage at the Chanel Cruise 2012 fashion show at Strickland House in Vaucluse! Thanks to our college mate Melanie, me and many of my other college mates including Johannes, Kylie, Nina, Hannah and Christie all got the opportunity to work for this illustrious designer label. I could not fathom how grateful I am to have worked at the show.
Aren't I lucky to have been the only dresser for the male models?
Laura - Look 1
Laura - Look 2
Brad - Look 1
Nick - Look 1
It proved to be such a great experience for us as we will all be working within this field in our future, and we got to handle, and I mean carefully, such lovely and exquisite garments and accessories. I considered myself the luckiest out of the bunch since I dressed the only male models for the show haha! Anyway, I hoped you enjoy looking through my backstage snaps for the day!

All images taken by me and K. Tham


ASOS x Zipporra

Zipporra's new collection stands out from the crowd

On the 18th of November, A Series of Fortunate Events held a crazy, colourful fashion launch for the local brand, Zipporra. The launch was to celebrate their Spring Summer collection and the company's collaboration with the one and only ASOS, and of course this is an amazing opportunity for both companies.

Whilst I was working at the launch, I took a few happy snaps to show you guys! Enjoy!

Beautiful models wearing Zipporra
The new Zipporra collection is the epitome of psychedelic chic, and I feel it will certainly create bubbles within the fashion world! The laneway space gave us a unique atmosphere to work with for both the show and the party, it was inevitable a lot of people will come to see the launch!

The event got such a good reception, with the show, graffiti artist, laneway art, dj's and most importantly the free skittles, the party could possibly not stop after "the party", we had to take fire trucks to get us going! Haha!


All images taken by me


Unforunately, I have been very busy the last couple of weeks with my final assessments due in for college, hence why I haven't posted up anything. But, fear not! I am back and I will update you with all my adventures within the fashion world.


My Little Pony

My beloved friend and trusty hairdresser, Josh Kersey, did my cut and colour yesterday, and I absolutely love it! I've wanted purple hair for a while and I'm over the moon I had it done! :)


ASOS x Zipporra launch

This Friday night I will be working with A Series of Fortunate Events for the ASOS x Zipporra fashion launch in Skittles Lane in Sydney. I believe it will be an amazing night, and I shall take some photos at the event, that's if I'm not busy within the chaos that is fashion shows haha. Yes, Skittles is a sponsor for the event! Yum yum! 
Images courtesy of Zipporra


Ksubi x Big In Japan

So Ksubi invited me to their party with Big in Japan next week!
The funny thing is, I am not fond of Ksubi's designs... even though the brand is run by the same designers for Chronicles of Never and Black Noise White Rain.
Oh the irony!

But, I am very keen to see what installations have been set up by Big in Japan within Paddington Town Hall!
I just need a friend to go with now haha.

Invitation from Ksubi


Fashion Survival Masterclass

I am so excited for the Fashion Survival Masterclass this Friday at my college!

I cannot wait to learn so much from these amazing people who work within the fashion industry!

I'll just give you a rundown on the people I most looking forward to seeing and maybe even meeting and greeting with:


The owner of Parlour X... Need I say more?
On the flier it doesn't say what brands she stocks here in Australia but the most notable would Commes De Garcons, Azzedine Alaia, Balenciaga, Mugler, Viktor & Rolf and Vionnet.

If you do live here in Australia and want some top-quality high fashion brands available to you without the need to scope out boutiques, go through Parlour X


Torstar Communications is a fashion communication firm run here in Sydney, Australia, and one of the most successful at that. The firm is responsible for bringing Mulberry and Zara over here. 



You do not know how much I want to meet this man, you really don't. 

As an avid lover of minimalism and deconstruction, the chance to meet the creator of Friedrich Gray is something I cannot pass on. 

Ben is also currently designing with Chronicles of Never, one of my favourite brands. I proudly wear the Earth Bears Metal and Fire Creates Earth sunglasses when the sun is beaming, and I also wear my Silence long tongue dress shoes when the occasion calls for it.

I will share pictures of my meet and greet with these wonderful people in the next week or so!



I got the sample for the first ever fragrance by Maison Martin Margiela in the mail a few days ago, and what a beautiful way of saying thank you for my working in fashion! Thank you so much Oyster magazine and Maison Martin Margiela! It's such a fresh, radiant fragrance that is suitable for the Spring/Summer season!

Invitation from Oyster Magazine
Photographs taken by me



The clarity of the store window goes straight to the point of simplicity and structure of the designs
A few days ago, I visited the Josh Goot store in Paddington, not only for my own interest, but for my assessment for Fashion Merchandising this term. My task is to analyse the overall merchandising of the designs within a store and the store itself. I had no doubt that since Josh Goot is one of my favourite Australian designers, I would use the store for my report.

Neon has always glowed throughout Mr. Goot's collections
I've passed by the store a couple of times before, and I have always loved how it stands out among the terraces in Paddington. The crystal clear studio is perfect for showcasing Josh Goot's designs, the vibrancy of the neons and pop colour against the white walls attracts anyone who walks by.

The neons and graphics are beautifully broken up with complementary neutrals.
As you shop around the store, each rack separates the three main aspects of the collection - neon, graphics and neutral. I'm saving his wonderful graphics for last as his prints have always been the pinnacle of his designs. I've noticed that the upcoming trend for the Spring/Summer season encompasses a lot of pairing neon with neutral colours in a way which complements the blinding beauty of fluorescence. 

Mr. Goot's signature graphic prints are displayed to bring in the passers-by
Last, but certainly not least, the graphic prints which Josh Goot is known for are strategically placed to attract passers-by into the store. I cannot describe to you how much I love his prints, but the least I can say is that, if I was a girl, I'd always wear Josh Goot.

All images taken by me