Fashion Survival Masterclass

I am so excited for the Fashion Survival Masterclass this Friday at my college!

I cannot wait to learn so much from these amazing people who work within the fashion industry!

I'll just give you a rundown on the people I most looking forward to seeing and maybe even meeting and greeting with:


The owner of Parlour X... Need I say more?
On the flier it doesn't say what brands she stocks here in Australia but the most notable would Commes De Garcons, Azzedine Alaia, Balenciaga, Mugler, Viktor & Rolf and Vionnet.

If you do live here in Australia and want some top-quality high fashion brands available to you without the need to scope out boutiques, go through Parlour X


Torstar Communications is a fashion communication firm run here in Sydney, Australia, and one of the most successful at that. The firm is responsible for bringing Mulberry and Zara over here. 



You do not know how much I want to meet this man, you really don't. 

As an avid lover of minimalism and deconstruction, the chance to meet the creator of Friedrich Gray is something I cannot pass on. 

Ben is also currently designing with Chronicles of Never, one of my favourite brands. I proudly wear the Earth Bears Metal and Fire Creates Earth sunglasses when the sun is beaming, and I also wear my Silence long tongue dress shoes when the occasion calls for it.

I will share pictures of my meet and greet with these wonderful people in the next week or so!

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