Lines of Neoclassicism

The coveted Australian fashion designer label, Dion Lee, has released previews of their collaboration with collage artist, Mason Mulhollandfor their diffusion line, Line II. The new collection is called "Neoclassical", and that theme is apparent throughout, especially in the skewed prints that are reminiscent of the exploration of the human form in the Classical period. Classicism is further appropriated in the design of the garments, featuring a more geometric take on the draping that was prevalent in Classical fashion and a colour palette reflective of the Grecian peninsula. Dion Lee has once again demonstrated his ability to creatively influence fashion's future, and this collection will most likely be a hit amongst loyalists and newbies to the label.

Images courtesy of Dion Lee


The Armani Handbag

Being an avid fan of the Armani house, mostly due to my mother's love of the Italian fashion house, having the chance to witness the careful construction and craftsmanship behind a beautiful Giorgio Armani handbag just further propelled my fanaticism. Watch the video as the artisans show off their skills in the various steps in the creation of a luxury handbag. But wait, there is more, to watch the handbag's completion, CLICK HERE.

Video courtesy of the official Armani Youtube channel



Rockin' 'n' Runnin'

Sneaker freakers all over the world travel to find the best and rare sneakers to add to their collection, and I have a feeling that the minimalistic charm of Valentino Rockrunners are going to be on their wishlist. I myself am an avid sneaker fan, owning more than the average person should have, but there's no going past the comfort and versatility of such footwear. Valentino Rockrunners, from pure observation, are stylish, comfortable and functional. The sneakers possess the right amount of hits of colour throughout the range, cleated soles and a discreet rubber stud detail at the heel, making the shoe is suitable for all sneaker freakers no matter what their taste.

Video courtesy of the official Valentino Youtube channel



Vogue Italia's 25th Anniversary

The Prada cover

The Giorgio Armani cover
Famed fashion magazine, Vogue, has come a long way since it's beginnings in 1892, and has expanded to editions that cater to the different tastes of women worldwide. Vogue Italia has become distinguishable due to the open-minded and realistic focus on social issues such as the unethical motivations behind war and plastic surgery and the featuring of plus size models within the issue, which has all been thanks to the ever-creative Editior-in-Chief Franca Sozzani.

The Dolce & Gabbana cover
To celebrate her 25th year as head of the magazine, six designers have produced individual fold-out covers, which are no doubt a collector's item for those who praise the magazine. Photographed by famous fashion photographer, Steven Miesel, the covers feature some of fashion's favourite faces, the models Gisele Bundchen and Linda Evangelista, in the latest fashions by global Italian luxe labels (detailed on the photographs). Each cover reflects the unique ethos of each label and designer, in turn highlighting the talents of all the creative forces which have contributed to the celebration of Ms. Sozzani's leadership.

For the complete gallery of covers, CLICK HERE
Images courtesy of Styleite and Vogue Italia


Kukula's Kute Kouture

Sometimes it's hard to appreciate the wonderment of Haute Couture, especially when the extremities of the designers' creativity is expressed in full. But, there are a few who translate these inapproachable pieces into more appreciable works. Israeli-born artist, Kukula, has illustrated a few of the outstanding Couture pieces presented by the designers last week, including Ulyana Sergeenko, Valentino, Chanel and Giambattista Valli. The faintness, subtle impact and ethereal air which the illustrations exude match the designer's visions perfectly, spreading the reach of which Couture usually is limited.

To view the complete collection of illustrations by Kukula, CLICK HERE

Images courtesy of SHOWstudio


Fendi x Karl Lagerfeld: The Glory of Water

It is no surprise that Karl Lagerfeld, as proactive as he is, has contributed his creative genius to Fendi in collaboratively coordinating the launch of the new Paris flagship store. In the heat of Couture Week, an event such as this is heightened by the complementing photography exhibition showcasing the King of Fashion's matchless photography of the Roman fountains of Italy (as part of their collaborative project to restore Trevi Fountain) that went hand-in-hand with the event. The exhibition, "The Glory of Water", is applaudable, seeing as it has given lost glorification to these historical water features of Italy. Amongst the more concentrated buzz around the designers' collections, the exhibition brought a contemplative and almost melancholic air to the chaotic week.  

For a look at the launch of the flagship Fendi store on Avenue Montaigne and more details on the "Glory of Water" exhibition, CLICK HERE

Images courtesy of Fendi, FauxRealFashion, Wallpaper, Blou Art Info and Elle


The Zen Garden of Viktor & Rolf

Of all the Haute Couture shows in the past week, one stood out amongst them. The 13 year hiatus of Viktor & Rolf from Haute Couture has made many fashion elite anticipate a collection that makes testament to the creative brew they may have been cooking since their 1999 "Russian Doll" Couture collection. The calmness and ease of the return of Viktor & Rolf to Haute Couture marks their expertise in producing garments that are masterfully artistic, yet somehow wearable, especially in this time in fashion when the minimalist fashion stream is at the top.

The pair's Fall Couture show presented to the fashion elite the extent to which their vision can go. Bringing elements of traditional Japanese Zen Buddhism, both in the construction of the awe-inspring couture and the presentation itself, the designers manipulated and moulded the human hangers into solid, mountainous forms that directly reflect the tranquility of the Japanese Zen Garden. There is no doubt the lamentable yet intriguing collection has characterised the pair's aesthetic diversity.

Images courtesy of Fashionising


GIF-induced Menswear Overload!

Dries Van Noten Spring/Summer 2014
The "revolutionary" reblogging central called Tumblr has brought about the overuse of the GIF image file. More often than not, these image files causes headaches and maybe even the odd puke, and I'm sorry if this has caused you to do so. But, I confess, I can look at these repetitive and seizure-inducing Spring/Summer 2014 menswear GIFs with ease. I can't help but wonder that maybe this is how fashion shows may be viewed in the future, especially because of the rapidity of information flowing throughout the world and the constant demand for swiftness in the exchange of information. Warning: These images may cause a fashion overload!

Dolce & Gabbana Spring/Summer 2014

Jil Sander Spring/Summer 2014

Neil Barrett Spring/Summer 2014

Prada Spring/Summer 2014
All GIFs were designed by Paul Wagenblast
Images courtesy of Dazed and Confused


The Art of Menswear

Alexander McQueen Spring/Summer 2014
Most of us prejudicially judge fashion as a form of art when in reality it is design - the combination of science, technology, skill, visual interpretation and business knowledge. The link between art and fashion is often blurred, especially when it comes to Haute Couture, but almost never with ready to wear. The dissection of this misbelief has been carried out with the artworks of Catherine Raben Davidsen.

Fendi Spring/Summer 2014
Jil Sander Spring/Summer 2014

Depending on the ethos and aesthetic of the collection and the designer, each artwork is a visual disintegration and reconfiguration of the pieces within the collection. The abstraction causes the models to become more of a surrealist figure in the artworks, whilst the clothing emerges as the centrepiece, as it should be. Catherine has successfully diversified the mundane fashion photograph into masterpieces that emphasise the amount of creativity that flows from the designer into their pieces, by adding elements to the photograph that embody the interpreted vision of the clothing and what they mean to the potential wearer.

Prada Spring/Summer 2014

Raf Simons Spring/Summer 2014
Yohji Yamamoto Spring/Summer 2014
Images courtesy of SHOWstudio


The Crows and The Peacocks

The impeccable style of men over the last 2 weeks have been outstanding. The comeback of the fashionable man is well and truly here, and as famed fashion critic Suzy Menkes says about the street style phenomenon, "There are the Crows and the Peacocks". Well, it looks like women have a formidable force of fashion to reckon with - the man. Here are some of the best street style from London Collections: Men, Milan Men's Fashion Week and Paris Men's Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2014...

Images courtesy of Street FSN and Tommy Ton for GQ



The Best of Paris Men's Fashion Week S/S14

The Father of Men's Fashion Weeks brought about new waves of creativity and trends from some of the world's most renowned luxury labels. The scout boy look returned with Louis Vuitton, the comeback of the controversial colour, pink, from Paul Smith, an extravagant heavy metal show from Rick Owens brought about the unveiling of Adidas x Rick Owens collaborative shoe line and Riccardo Tisci produced a mechanically tribal collection for Givenchy. The notable collections included:

Raf Simons Spring/Summer 2014

Remnants of the outrageous prints from the 1980's consumerist regime of media were scattered throughout the latest offering from Raf Simons. Mismatching shapes, juxtaposed inanimate items on eye-catching patterns and Dali-inspired Surrealism on highly structural garments was what Raf wants men to wear for the coming season. Not to mention the shoes, showing Raf's ability to warp the much-loved sneaker into more of a masterpiece than they were already.

John Galliano Spring/Summer 2014

Bill Gaytten's collection for John Galliano is surprising change compared to the avant-garde aesthetic of John himself and to last year's lobster-clad collection. A boxy silhouette for men was opted for the coming Spring/Summer season, but with harmonious colours such as red, canary yellow and navy blue, the geometric silhouette is easier on the eye. Mosaic tiled trousers, sequin embellished blazers and shirting, kimono polo shirts and platform oxfords added a dynamic depth to the collection. 

The in-your-face designs of Opening Ceremony duo, Carol Lim and Humberto Leon, have undoubtedly changed the face of Kenzo since their inception. After a streak of jungle-inspired pieces abundant in their collections, it seems the pair are transitioning into a more, dare I say, bearable aesthetic. Their Spring/Summer 2014 collection channels Seapunk in a manner of subtlety - the various shades of blue, prints depicting sea waves and sea foam as illustrated by the Ancient Japanese and the motif of the rip curl all point to this subculture. Blending these motifs into carefully constructed garments makes for an outstanding collection from the pair.

As I've mentioned many times, appropriating art into fashion takes a well-skilled and experienced designer to do so without damaging the repertoire of the designer and the artist. Kris Van Assche has brought the Mondrian print, as popularised by the late Yves Saint Laurent, into his latest menswear collection, but in a discreet colour palette of ox blood, greys and blues. The artwork appears silently throughout the minimal garments, creating a distinct geometric collection for the modern man who adores Dior.

Images courtesy of Fashionising