Let's Watch | Mother Marina for Adidas

The Mother of Performance Art's collaborative campaign with Adidas for the 2014 FIFA World Cup is well and truly a reflection of the hypocritical nature of the promises we give to ourselves and the isolation we seek from others in this technologically driven world. There is a paradox within the majority of the population nowadays - most of us want to be closer to more people, to be more communal, but our actions do not reflect that - this simple social experiment aims to address this.

 The campaign, named Work Relation, shows 3 different social groups performing the same task. Two individuals, two couples, and a chain of people, carrying stones from one end of the room to the other. Mundane and easy it may sound, but as the performance goes on, it turns out us as individuals or couples give up sooner than as a group. Bang.

The subtlety of Adidas' product placement is overshadowed by the raw relevance of what is being conveyed - we have to come back to a time when connections are made not through technology, not through the Internet, but through face to face interaction, whether it be for work or for leisure. I myself am a hypocrite for having to say this to you, but it may be the only way to inspire change nowadays.


Watch the performance at www.showstudio.com

Images courtesy of Youtube

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