OUTRAGE | North West Debut Modelling Controversy

Everyone's up in arms over the debut model shot of North West wearing Chanel in the latest issue of CR Fashion Book, and once again, the heated debates over whether children should be modelling or not have erupted. The shot of the baby girl only says one thing to me - style does not choose age. You may or may not be fans of Kanye West or Kim Kardashian's work, but their fashion forwardness is obvious, and their keen eye for style is undoubtedly going to transfer to their offspring. What is fuelling the debate as to whether the shot is appropriate is the fact that the shot endorses mature style on young children, even though at first it may seem as an innocent photograph of a baby playing with her mother's bag. I have no problem with the editorial, as this is more a subtle approach to marketing the product, and embodies Karl Lagerfeld, the famous Creative Director of the label, philosophy of "It's Never Too Early to Care About Fashion"

What are your thoughts? Is this shot deceivingly inappropriate, or is it a tribute to the continuity of the West family's fashion sense?

Image: Stylelist

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