WISHLIST | Haydenshapes x Alexander Wang

 One of the kings of cool within the fashion industry - Alexander Wang, has teamed up with Haydenshapes, for a painfully unattainable series of surfboards. The "Cage" within the store are the home for the five award-winning Haydenshapes Hypto Crypto models, and are exclusively for this installation. But despite the many Wang loyalists begging for these to be available for purchase, at least the designer's obsession with marble can encourage a shared appreciation for the ancient and earthen.

As simple as they may look, the production of the boards consisted of digitally creating the patterns by taking photographs of differing marble slabs and printing them onto silk, then onto the boards. The finished products are an embodiment of the uniqueness of earthly patterns, the beach lifestyle and the pure thrill of riding the waves of God's tranquilliser. 

For a closer look at the collaboration, head to www.alexanderwang.com

Images: Trendland and Highsnobiety
Source: Haydenshapes

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