The Model Rejected Because of Who She Is

Shocking isn't it? This beautiful model and blogger, Nikia Phoenix, is being dropped from shows purely because of her race and unbelievably, the freckles on her face. Under the external glamorous image many people see, the fashion industry is unforgiving, but being racist is a completely different issue. 

As stated in the incredibly successful Beyond Blue campaign shown throughout Australian screens, "Nobody should be made to feel bad just for being who they are", and this woman isn't letting the remarks and rejections she often faces demotivate from achieving her best in the cruel fashion industry. Her positive attitude despite all the prejudice has made her much more beautiful than she already is, with Phoenix once saying "I know I'm not perfect. I have these spots all over my face... but I'm glad I stand out... I've learned to love what makes me me."

We should all take note of Nikia's inspiring self-accepting attitude and apply it to ourselves. Look in the mirror and smile, be yourself and love yourself!

Check out Nikia's blog at www.modelliberation.com

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