Haircuts for the Homeless

A Filipino-American hair stylist, based in New York City, has been giving homeless people throughout the metropolis a touch of style, and all pro bono. The Grooming Good Samaritan, Mark Bustos, makes time every Sunday approaching the homeless with a simple yet powerful phrase - "I want to do something nice for you today". By giving these people a haircut in open spaces, he continuously spreads the message of giving to any passersby. 

His humanitarian venture dates back to his days cutting the hair of the unfortunate since visiting his home country in May 2012, which fuelled his desire to bring his mission to The Big Apple. We all want to look and feel good about ourselves, and when one is dire straits, a simple haircut or mini-makeover maybe all we need to conjure the courage to live on.

Follow Mark Bustos on Instagram (@markbustos) for updates on his charitable work.

Images: Instagram

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