Embracing the #Fatkini

Accepting one's body, no matter what shape or size, is not easy for some of us. But now, there is a border-crossing social media movement of body confident women the world over who are showing off their voluptuous figures to make this possible for "plus-size" women. The hashtag that is accompanying these pictures, #Fatkini, and is a taunt at the aspiration of many women to acquire the "bikini bod" we are exposed to on a regular basis. 

 Gabi Fresh (left), an advocate for fashionable women blessed with curves

As per usual, public debate has revealed what people think of this body-loving protest. Some say it's an ode to a time when a woman's curves were glorified, others say it's just subverting the problem of obesity into non-existence. All in all, it's obvious these women do not care what we think and are purely doing this to inspire other women not to hide and show off their body. All the power to them! Be body confident everyone!

Source: Oyster

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