Shoes For A Better Future

A relatively young shoe label is fast becoming a sought after essential for fashion enthusiasts, and not in a place you'd necessarily think fashion is one. Aurora James, the Creative Director of Brother Vellies, is on a mission to preserve the ancient methods of shoemaking in Africa, and also bringing the African population to appreciate what has been lost in the ages and nurture their sense of style.

Inspired by her vacations in Africa and conversations about fashion with locals she met along the way, Aurora set out on a mission to fuse the old and new for African locals who wanted fashionable footwear. Producing shoes that skew the functionality and look of the modern day and trendy Desert Boot and Sandal, the materials used to create the shoe are a stand out compared to other fashion labels. Patent cork, recycled tyres, denim off-cuts and holographic leather are what comprise the set of unique footwear. 

Dedicated to providing functional yet individually stylish footwear and job opportunities for local populations, Aurora regularly flies between the workshops set up in Kenya, Namibia and South Africa, working with the artisans themselves. Her work has not gone unnoticed, with a previous collaboration with New York designer William Okpo, selling in Moda Operandi and an upcoming pop-up at Nordstrom.

In a multitude of ways, Aurora has silently blown many fashion labels out of the water, and I hope her work will be known and supported by the population at large. I mean, how can you not when her shoes are giving the locals more so than she intended to give? 

To check out and support the charitable label, head to www.brothervellies.com

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