"Heritage Square" by Christoffer Aguilar

The city streets are filled with sartorial wonders who capture the eyes of those who truly look the finer details. Elegant masculinity is a look and personality which has risen in the last few years, resulting in the comeback of a lost and found men's wardrobe essential - the pocket square. Street style photographers worldwide have caught onto this, and this editorial gives viewers a chance to see how an outfit's dynamic changes in different environments throughout one city and how one outfit becomes an extension of one's personality with the addition of one simple accessory.

Sophie Robertson is from Atoll, and is a designer of uniquely patterned scarves and pocket squares, giving men and women a chance to incorporate a piece of art into their daily wear. Coming from London, the city that cradles the masterful tailors of Savile Row, she knows the highly tailored man's demand for pocket squares is high. What's even more special about her pieces is that every pocket square and scarf's print is based on the designers underwater photography in the pristine Great Barrier Reef, a testament to her photographic and fashion design skill. With her name firmly secured in the mouths of dapper men all over, Sophie's squares will be featured in the upcoming July issue of GQ Australia.

"The Brown One", featured in "Heritage Square"
Photography Christoffer Aguilar (me)
Styling Noal Gurung and Christoffer Aguilar
Grooming Noal Gurung
Model Noal Gurung

To shop for ATOLL pocket squares and scarves, please go to www.sophierobertson.com

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