'Men Fall' by Paul Jung

A depiction of the futurist aesthetics and its relevance in a society ran on the exhilaration of rush and irrelevance of stillness takes place in 'Men Fall', an editorial photoshoot photographed by Paul Jung. The editorial is featured in the current issue of Schon! Magazine, and when thoroughly analysed, is a visual commentary on our downfall in relating to one another in today's concrete world. The shadows of figures are haunting and the claustrophic atmosphere of the environment strangles you, but yet, there is a connection between the figures, in that they are all isolated. A brilliant editorial - photography, styling and concept-wise.

Photography - Paul Jung
Stylist - Raytell Bridges
Grooming - Yetty Barnes
Stylist Assistant - Kenneth Bovain
Grooming Assistant - Geneva Barnes
Models - Joe Choi, Michael Basquette, Matt Waters @ New York Models
Fashion - Janet Zheng

Images courtesy of Trendland
To view the complete editorial, CLICK HERE
To visi the Schon! Magazine website, CLICK HERE

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