The Innovators of Australian Fashion

TAFE’s fashion designers are a formidable force within the myriad of young designers in the industry, so it's no surprise that The Innovators collections were no disappointment. Leroy Nguyen started off the show colourfully with kaleidoscopic prints, then as Elissa McGowan took over the runway, the atmosphere changed as the structurally feminine collection was unleashed, with sheer panels in interesting shapes which ran like rivers through white, peach pink and navy blue ensembles forcing our eyes to actively map the clothing. Paul Scott's menswear was next - a daring mix of cityscape prints, vinyl leather and mismatching pattern panels that will surely bring a new dimension to menswear in Australia. Paul’s clever enmeshing of the relaxed mood of Australian fashion and undertones of bold British men’s fashion make for a trendsetting collection for the coming Spring/Summer season. Ying Yuan continued from Elissa's architectural aesthetic, but again quickly changed with Vinh Nugyen’s contrasting menswear to Pauls, which added a more space-aged dynamic to menswear - the abundance of cool mints, midnight blues and stark black a complete opposite to Paul's. Finally, Inder Dhillon's sequin filled beanies and dresses brought a vibrant and eccentric end to the showcase of skill and talent of these young designers.

Photography by me
To view the collections and watch the fashion show, CLICK HERE

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