Ermenegildo Zegna: The 50th Australia Wool Award

One of Australia's most prided fashion exports is Wool, and the annual Wool Award hosted by international luxury label, Ermenegildo Zegna, aims to reward Aussie farmers who have given their all to produce the best quality wool for a multitude of designers, brands and labels. Since it's the 50th Anniversary of this special event, previews of the fashion show, tours of the Australian wool farms and a gala held at the Royal Hall of Industries in Sydney are available for all to celebrate with the industry.

The highlight of the event is the release of Zegna's capsule collection featuring a newly discovered fabric called Trofeo Natural Comfort. The revamped designs of the Lanificio patterns bring the history and heritage of a deep-rooted tradition to modern fashion, particularly menswear, which has become even more significant in terms of advancement and embracement of its essentiality in men's lives today.

Lucky for you and Zegna loyalists alike, I'm not the only fashion blogger to offer you previews into the event. To get a more informed and exclusive behind-the-scenes look at the celebratory occasions during the 50th Anniversary Wool Award, famous menswear bloggers Isaac Likes, The Three F and Dapper Lou have taken the initiative to bring you more. 

Bloggers insights:

Images courtesy of the official Zegna website
To preview all the events for the Wool Award, CLICK HERE

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