Ubicouture: An elevated visual representation of Art & Fashion

Givenchy x Claude Monet
Jil Sander x Joshua Dildine
It's wonderful what you find on the reblogging haven of Tumblr. In this instance, a young man named Christos Mouchas has been discovered, who skilfully reinterprets the latest fashion collections and juxtaposes them against artworks. In turn, he has created a series of profound artworks which play on the concept of "fashion as art" and vice versa, and continually grows, on his website Ubicouture

J.W. Anderson x Helen Bullock
Alexander McQueen x Vasily Polenov
Prada x Salvador Dali
Maison Martin Margiela x Sterling Ruby
It's a rarity to find young talent who doesn't view fashion as a superficial means of expressing oneself, as most teenagers do, but Mr. Mouchas has proven that there are still young people who recognize fashion as an art form can be both exhibited in a gallery and worn on the street. Fashion is art we wear, and art and fashion are significantly important to each other, and Mouchas has successfully conveyed, and still conveys, this message to us all. 

Images courtesy of Trendland
To see more of Christos Mouchas's artworks including his menswear interpretations, CLICK HERE

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