Vroom Vroom!

Girls with guns always love shoes and cars... according to Harper's Bazaar USA's March editorial, "V Room". At first it may be hard to decipher the link between automotive design and fashion design, but there are similarities, believe it or not. The mechanics, production, and skill in the design of these polar opposites and their interrelation were made clear with the "Car Shoe", designed by Gianni Mostile in 1963.

The Car Shoe were shoes designed to enhance adherence to car pedals and to be worn when driving, especially luxury sports cars. More recently, designers have caught onto the automative influence on footwear, such as Prada in their S/S12 collection and the checkerboard clad Louis Vuitton S/S13 collection by Marc Jacobs. Whether this editorial by Dan Forbes is a homage to the Car Shoe is up to you, but this is an editorial that caters to fashion and vintage car lovers alike, particularly those who have a knack for Mercedes-Benz.

Images courtesy of Trendland

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