The Power Dressers of Fashion

In lead up to the opening of the famed fashion exhibition, In Fine Style: The Art of Tudors & Stuarts at the Buckingham Palace, a campaign featuring High Fashion Goth designer, Gareth Pugh was released. The campaign is a brief look into the history of fashion's evolution from a luxury to a necessity, how dressing for a political purpose was upheld in the nobility and how that idea still exists in the dark designs of Gareth Pugh and its relation to the designs of Tudors & Stuarts.

Gareth Pugh Autumn/Winter 2013
Gareth Pugh Autumn/Winter 2013
Tudors & Stuarts were a medieval dynasty that included King Henry VIII, and were known to start the "trickle-down" effect in fashion, where the style of the higher and noble classes are mimicked by those of the middle and poorer classes. Gareth Pugh, and even Alexander McQueen in respect, were/are influenced by this period, hence their outrageous yet regal designs. Gareth Pugh is much darker in his aesthetic, and his influence is seen everywhere - the trend of monochromatic leathers, powerful and structured jackets and skin tight leather pants as every day wear an example of this, being donned by fashionistas all over the world. For a closer look at his designs and what influences the designer, watch the video below:

In Fine Style: The Art of Tudors & Stuarts is now on in the Queen's Gallery, Buckingham Palace, London, England. The exhibition closes on 06.10.13.
For more information, head to the Royal Collection website

Images and video courtesy of Dazed Digital

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