Louis Vuitton: The Art of Travel

Louis Vuitton has developed over many years into the optimal luxury brand when it comes to travelling fashionably, with their high-quality leather luggage frequently being marketed as the best for crossing continents. Staying true to their reputation, the label has now released a series of travel books, all glorifying the beauty and diversity of the many worlds within our world.

Central Park by Jean-Phillipe Delhomme, New York

The 4 artists, all from different parts of the world, aimed to show both their skill and the perception of a traveller within a new city - French fashion artist Jean-Philippe Delhomme painted New York, Congo artist Chéri Samba for the fashion capital of Paris, Japanese graphic illustrator Natsko Seki presents to us her view of London and proud American Daniel Arsham gives us a look into the mysterious Easter Island in Chile. The books aren't your typical travel guide, so don't sacrifice that much-needed Google Maps app for these, but rather keep them as a reminder of the wonderful multicultural world we live in , a testament to these artists' talents, and simply to flick through for inspiration to travel to these iconic cities and landmarks.
The busy city of London by Natsko Seki
The elusive Easter Island by Daniel Arsham

To view and shop the series and find out more about the artists, CLICK HERE
To watch the campaign films, CLICK HERE
Images courtesy of Wallpaper

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