The Dior Man

The Dior man is quintessentially an embodiment of the Dior woman - modern, sleek, and contemporary, with a shadowy rebelliousness both seen and unseen. Dior Homme's latest fashion film brings us an intense insight into the style, personality and world of this man.

Kris Van Assche has conveyed his message of what a Dior man truly is - casual and cool. Of course, "cool" changes according to context, but how can impeccably tailored and structural style not make one so? The Dior Homme Fall/Winter 2013/14 collection brings this man's style into your wardrobe, allowing to channel your alternatively cool side simply through well-made clothing. Don't hesitate, walk into the world of the Dior man...

To view the Dior Homme Fall/Winter 2013 fashion film, head to the official Dior Youtube channel HERE
Images courtesy of Esquire, GQ, Fandiz and Metatube

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