Stefano Pilati's Zegna Debut

The start of Milan Men's Fashion Week marked the debut of Stefano Pilati as the Head Designer for acclaimed Italian label, Ermenegildo Zegna. The velodrome-inspired stage awed attendees as they walked in, eagerly awaiting what would come from this respectable designer. The seamless and clinical design of the set already gave visible hints as to the aesthetic of Stefano's first collection for Zegna.

Sharp yet sombre pieces adorned men as they walked out in the signature Zegna confidence they exude. The hidden power of the clothing combined with the strong presence of the men accentuated the interesting silhouettes of the clothing, reminiscent of the power-dressers of the 1980s. Bulky coats and padded blazers with rolled up sleeves complemented the straight cut trousers, and all in a colour palette of nudes, whites and navy. 

Materials such as neoprene and heavy wools elevated the aura of strength and dynamic, whilst details such as tessellated prints and studs brought this nostalgic albeit updated look of Zegna to the younger fashion conscious male. It seems as though Stefano has abandoned the slim-line look from his Yves Saint Laurent days and went against the uniform Zegna silhouette, and his done so flawlessly.

Stefano Pilati walking out to applause in the finale
Images courtesy of Ermenegildo Zegna

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  1. How interesting! I like that it's minimalistic rather than over-the-top!