David Jones' 175 Year History

Left to right: A recreation of Dior's "New Look", Woolmark Prize winner Dion Lee and Carla Zampatti's houndstooth dress
Dior press clippings
The historically prestigious Australian department store, David Jones, has marked their 175th Anniversary with a wonderful visual story about their fashionable history. Unbeknownst to some people, the friendships David Jones himself built with the many fashion designers, artists, graphic designers, royalty and political figures in our time and times past have built the high pedestal which the department store stands upon.

The archives of the department store are now open, giving people a chance to see who have contributed to the past and continuing success of David Jones. The exhibition gives thanks to artists such as Auguste Rodin, famous fashion photographer Max Dupain, and luxury fashion designers Pierre Cardin and Christian Dior, by showing their most coveted contributive work to the department store. Seeing the store's diverse history, particularly their involvement in World War II, playing host to Queen Elizabeth II's Australian banquet in 1954, and their questionable yet successful in-store zoo, makes you soak in the true grandeur of David Jones.

The exhibition is now on Level 7, David Jones Sydney (Elizabeth St. store) until June 23rd

For more information on the exhibition, head to What's On at David Jones
Photography by Christoffer Aguilar


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