Tom Ford's Ranch

 It's no surprise that Tom Ford is strict on the straightness of lines, garners attention to the most minimal of details and stays true to his contemporary aesthetic. Combining this with one of the world's most renowned minimalist architects, Tadao Ando, equates to a well-design ranch that seems to convey an alienic and eerie atmosphere.

The ranch, situated in New Mexico, both blends with and stands out amongst the arid desert land of the Americas. The structures within the ranch are reminiscent of concrete futuristic settings from Gattaca and Aeon Flux, and allow a private space within open land. Tom Ford rarely goes wrong, and in this case he has got it completely right. Being a high profile designer, this ranch is the perfect getaway from his busy life, yet keeping the city life reminiscently close through the post-modern circular concrete structures of the ranch.

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Images courtesy of Trendland

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