London Collections: Men, Day 1

The sartorial scene of London menswear is one of diversity, ranging from designers influenced by the more innovative streams of fashion and others staying true to the strict tailored looks of Savile Row. London Collections: Men was started to present to the world the underestimated world of British menswear, and it is exactly what it has done. From all the designers who showed on Day 1, these designers should be noted for their collections:

Kay Kwok Spring/Summer 2014

There seems to be a myriad of designers trying to catch up with Raf Simons, who is leading the pack for Dior, but it seems as though Kay Kwok may well be on his way to dethroning Monsieur Simons. The designer has presented a menswear collection that exemplifies his pragmatic aesthetic, the first few pieces being minimal and crisp with finer details such as geometric fabric panels on jackets and elongated top fronts. As the minimal pieces passed, a neo-futuristic turn came around.

Non-cliché digital prints of halos were scattered amongst the final few pieces presented by the designer. There's a suspicion that this could've not worked if the colour was not picked righteously, but the hints of indigo and salmon pink throughout the print are discreet yet enmesh well with the minimal aesthetic. Raf Simons better watch out, Mr. Kwok is on his way...

Jonathan Saunders Spring/Summer 2014

Jonathan Saunders always manages to twist the restrictive image of business wear into ensembles encompassing warped appropriations of the original garment. What's interesting about Jonathan's approach to this fashion stream is that it is subtle - from far away the clothing seems well-fitted at most, but up-close bears so much more dynamic. Business shirts and summer shorts with monochromatic digital prints, gradient red panelled and dotted trousers and jackets featuring zig zagged detail are some of the examples of this designers twisted creations. At least twisted to your professional counterparts. 

Richard Nicoll Spring/Summer 2014

Effortless style is, contrary to say, hard to achieve. Everyone knows it's all about the attitude and the way you approach your own sense of style, so if you are the type of man who opts to go for a more relaxed look without looking daggy, look to Richard Nicoll's latest collection for inspiration. The collection features the revived "suit-and-sneaker" look, but much more appropriate to the younger fashion-conscious man, especially those with the sense of style just mentioned. Bring in pieces such as the inverted metallic parka and silk snakeskin chinos to counter act the uniformity of white shirting, structured bombers and plain canvas sneakers to effectively achieve style that is both easy and interesting to the eye.


Images courtesy of Fashionising


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