MUGLER - Up close and personal

The live streaming for Mugler changed the way fashion shows are viewed by people around the world - not only did the stream include the show, but also the fittings, pre-show preparation, rehearsals, backstage chaos, and post-show appointments, giving everyone watching the feeling of being right there amongst the craziness!
All this at the tips of fashion enthusiasts' hands through http://www.ustream.tv/muglerlive!

The stream even included a one-on-one Q&A with Nicola Formichetti himself!
I was lucky enough to have two of my questions answered, and the first was asking if Lady Gaga would be on the playlist for the show, and the answer was no... which I am actually happy about haha!
The second was asking if neon would reappear in this collection like in their Spring/Summer 2012 collection, and Nicola bluntly said no, which I was sad about, I love neon!


What I loved the most was that the show featured the "model cam", where a camera was attached to two models to show to us how it felt like to be on the runway! 

Video courtesy of Mugler's Ustream Channel

Anyway, on to the actual show and the collection - I could not decipher which pieces I loved more than others because I've always been a fan of Thierry Mugler and the rejuvenated Mugler. 
I loved the abundance of glitter metallics, futuristic vinyl and the distorted silhouette which some of the garments gave. The only stand out piece was the blazer-cape which is truly unique in its design! Watch the live stream video for more!

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