Day 1 - Milan Men's Fashion Week

The first day of Milan Men's Fashion Week is over and I am already impressed by what I have seen.
I watched the Zegna show through the Zegna Live app which I downloaded for my phone, and I must say the strategic use of woody neutrals will definitely seep into my wardrobe this coming Fall/Winter.

The stand out collections from the first day for me were Corneliani, Costume National, Dolce & Gabbana and Frankie Morello.

Corneliani FW12

The colour progression from the greys to the darker hues of blue and black stuck with me, and the sheer quality of the detailing of the wool pieces was amazing. The piece that I found to be the most eye-catching of the collection was the bell cloak (above), since it creates a haunting silhouette, and I love pieces that distort the human figure.

Costume National FW12

I am absolutely in love with the colour palette which Costume National chose for their Fall Winter collection! The beautiful blues and the grouchy greens combined with the textures of the futuristic materials used in the designs create wonderful looks for the modern gentleman.

Dolce & Gabbana FW12

There's no doubt that the Dolce & Gabbana collection is one of my favourites for the coming cold, simply because it breathed royalty and elegance. Watching the live stream, I felt as though I was watching a royal social event, it was wonderful. Gold is obviously the colour of choice for Dolce & Gabbana, and it was seen throughout most of the pieces - the embroidery on the jackets, blazers, shirts and pants, and even on the shoes, indicative of the intricacy and detail which went into the design. The use of materials such as silk and velvet exuded a sense of luxury and also a sense of old-school rebellion with the baggy denim pants.

Frankie Morello FW12

Frankie Morello's collection is another of my favourites from Milan Men's Fashion Week, and it's obvious that I love the button stud detailing on the pants and various jackets and blazers throughout the collection. I also admire the technique of contrasting materials of different textures and looks to create the epitome of the modern rock star.

ALL IMAGES COURTESY OF fashionising.com

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