Day 2 - Milan Men's Fashion Week

The second day of Milan Fashion Week included shows by some of the most well-known brands in fashion, such as Emporio Armani (which I watched through the Armani website), Salvatore Ferragamo (streamed live), Missoni and Pringle of Scotland.

The stand out collections for me were Bottega Veneta, Vivienne Westwood, Calvin Klein and Prada

Bottega Veneta FW12

Images courtesy of fashionising.com

Bottega Veneta's collection is unique in the presentation of mismatched fabrics focused on the distortion of what the sophisticated image means to us. I adore the contemporary patterned blazers, especially those with the plastic looking material as a contrasting feature for the pieces. It's oblivious to see that I want the metallic jacket!

Vivienne Westwood FW12

Images courtesy of thefashionisto.com

As always, Vivienne Westwood delivered a collection and show to question the minds of onlookers. Fulfilling her title as the Mother of Punk, the abundance of tartan, fur and overall odd outfits did not disappoint me at all. I only wonder what the concept for hair and makeup was... a mix of sun tan and snow?

Calvin Klein Collection FW12

Images shot by me via Calvin Klein TV

I was lucky enough to be awake at the time of the Calvin Klein show, and it was well worth staying up for! The live stream featured a point and shoot option so you could save your favourite looks from the show! Anyway, the showing of contrasting reptilian leathers, desert nudes and creepy creepers left me in awe. The clever execution of minimalist chic was undeniable in both the collection and the show itself. There was a celebrity face on the runway, and it was none other than Joe Jonas haha!


Images courtesy of High Snob Society via Now Fashion

I watched the Prada show through the live stream in the late hours of the night, and I could not keep my eyes off the screen, even before the show started! The camera was placed so viewers can see the whole set - the luscious red, moody lighting and haunting music reminiscent of Alexander McQueen. 

One could argue that the pieces from the collection look a tad Soviet military, especially with the obvious theme of red, but I loved it! I will definitely be saving up for the cyber-tech inspired sunglasses and the patterned oxfords which were presented in the collection! 

Miuccia outdid herself by bringing on some A-list Hollywood actors on the runway to show off her designs - including Garrett Hedlund, William Defoe, Jamie Bell, Tim Roth and Adrien Brody (who I must say looks amazing in the all red ensemble).

Overall, it was the best show I have seen at Milan so far.

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