No Makeup on the Runway

In an industry where beautification goes beyond tedious skincare, Marc Jacobs took a non-artificial approach to displaying the garments for Spring/Summer 2015. The models, usually clad in heavy makeup, wore none at all. Shock! Horror!

Except for a shaggy wig reminiscent of the signature haircuts of The Beatles and The Ramones, the models looked fresh and free, albeit overshadowed by the hardness of the utilitarian clothing. But, in combination with the garments, was itself was a statement about the restraints which women are fed as the way to be by the industry. Going against the grain of trends shown throughout New York Fashion Week, a few of Marc Jacobs' garments conveyed the underestimated strength, confidence and toughness of women.

 Whether a dress, a coat or a jumpsuit, the balanced collection presented the  two sides of the coin of femininity. Beyond question, Marc Jacobs was subtle in his approach, but simplicity is the way to go to remark on body confidence and to encourage the acceptance of oneself.

Images: Style.com

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