Jean Paul's Joyous End

It may seem like the end of an era, but things can only get better from here on in as Jean Paul Gaultier's last Ready to Wear show took place in the fashion capital of Paris. Presiding in the famous Rex theatre, a blast of glitter, glamour and celebration filled the place as models walked in outfits symbolising the variety and valour of the modern woman.

The many faces of women were seen right throughout, including the misunderstood female boxer, the classy women of Golden Hollywood, the generation obsessed with social media and selfies, the pure sensuality of Cabaret and the bravery of the female wrestler. And alas, his pro-ageing stance was personified by beautiful, middle-aged women in beauty queen attire, wrinkles and all in sight. 

What was so charming about the show was his ode to the prolific fashion editors who have helped him throughout his years at the top. In honour of these wonderful women, models walked clad in outfits that Carine Roitfeld (above), Franca SozzaniGrace Coddington and the pen-wielding master, Suzy Menkes, are usually seen in.

Cheers to you, Mr. Gaultier, may your Haute Couture line forever prosper. 

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