A Stand for Marriage Equality at NYFW

Betsey Johnson, the acclaimed rambunctious New York designer, made her stance on marriage equality in glittery glamour at her Spring/Summer 2015 show. The designer's collection is called "Pre-Nup", and whilst alluding the audience that this may be another eye-blindingly white bridal show, that isn't the case with this happy-go-lucky designer.

In a display of heart-tugging love, models conveying different gender identities and sexualities walked side by side in an effort to stand up for marriage equality and acceptance. Who better than Betsey to celebrate the dynamic relationships within the LGBTIQ community possess in style. But whilst the message was clear, it may have overshadowed the clothing, which were references to the differing subcultures, withe Betsey stating to Canada.com, "The clothes are my first shot at all kinds of brides".

As per usual, the designer ended the show with her energetic display of cartwheels and splits, this time with one of her beautiful granddaughters. To top off the show, or mini marriage equality rally per sé, Betsey was carried off by her royal drag highness Sharon Needles in a loving embrace and peck on the lips! 

Outrageous! Well for the ignorant and close-minded I guess...

Source: Oyster

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