Feminist Fashion at Chanel

Chanel is, was and always will be, a powerhouse in the fashion industry, but the Spring/Summer 2015 show has affirmed to us that the brand's first Mademoiselle was a rebel with a cause - to bring women their right to freedom in fashion.

Creative Director Karl Lagerfeld cleverly staged a feminist protest at the end of the show, with models clad in colourful signature tweed walked down the runway with plaques that would make any woman (or feminist man) roar with passion. Phrases such as "Make Fashion Not War", "Be Your Own Stylist", "Ladies First" and the radical "History is Her Story" were slapped on the plaques, held in hand with integrity.

With the brand's muse, Cara Delevingne, shouting battle cries as the models marched, it was no surprise the attendees took out whatever device in hand to capture the moment. It's common sense to know that fashion's expectations of women are often the target of feminists, and even though contradictory to Lagerfeld's choice of models and fitting of clothing, this may pave way for more designers to let their stance on feminism show.

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