Vogue Hommes Japan #9 - Preview Day 1

The preview of the cover of Vogue Hommes Japan on Day 1
Nicola Formichetti, the Editor-in-Chief of Vogue Hommes Japan, former stylist of Lady Gaga, Creative Director for  Mugler and Head Designer for Nicopanda, is set to release the most anticipated issue of Vogue Hommes Japan this September. The issue features photography by Hedi Slimane, the Creative Director of Saint Laurent Paris and eerily beautiful artworks by the alternative "it" girl at the moment, Grimes, but most of all the issue is a chance for men worldwide to see the Fall/Winter menswear collections in a variety of editorials complementing the garment and the dark punk atmosphere that Nicola has injected into the usually glamorous Vogue magazine.

As it is the eventful month of fashion of September, Nicola began a series of previews of the issue in collaboration with Models.com - with the covers, digital covers, fashion films, and stop motion versions of the editorial images for everyone to see. I selected a few images to share, as I could not help but do so as the previews of the magazine so far have signaled to me that this issue will probably be my most prized in my collection, if I manage to buy it!

First of all, the covers were released according to what was being previewed on the day. On Day 1, the cover (above) was previewed, along with the editorial that complemented the cover featuring Gryphon O'Shea, shot by Hedi Slimane, with Grimes' artworks - "Bleached".

One of the artworks by Grimes
There is no doubt that Gryphon would've been the perfect man for this editorial - a beautification of the dark subcultures of Goth and Punk, particularly London's punk scene, whilst drawing from elements of maximalism. Hedi Slimane has shot this editorial emphasizing the mysteriousness of many men within these subcultures, and has captured how this aesthetic is now praised within the fashion industry rather than isolated from high fashion. Grimes has added to the atmosphere with her abstract morbid artworks, a style she is best known for.

All images courtesy of Models.com

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