Guerilla Fashion Fusion: ASOS Black x Puma

ASOS's grasp on fast fashion is undeniably strong, and now the designers from the brand's underestimated architectural diffusion line, ASOS Black, is collaborating with the one and only Puma. Street fashion and sports wear is fast becoming more and more integrated into the world of high fashion, more so in the minimalist and structural streams of fashion, leading the birth of "Sports Luxe", in both menswear and womenswear. The fusion of guerilla street wear, functional sports wear and the dynamics of simplistic high fashion are executed brilliantly in this collection, with a focus on geometric and panel detailing and a calming colour palette with pops of fiery orange.

In the lead up to the launch of the collection, film maker Ben Newman and renowned Brazilian graffiti collective, Os Pixadores, were called upon to capture the very essence and inspiration for the collection - modern rebellious creation, which is a rarity in today's society, in two trailers.
Images courtesy of Asos
Videos courtesy of Asos

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