700 Photos

A few weeks ago, my good friend Soma, Editor in Chief of Moksha Magazine, and I went to a local night called "700 photos", where 7 different local artists showcased their ability to create an interactive spectacle in the form of both performance and installation art, and encouraging all Sydney photographers to take part as well. I absolutely loved Phoenix Keating and Jesse Willesee's installations, showing two very different streams of fashion!

Phoenix Keating

When I first stepped into this installation, I could feel that strange atmosphere that one feels when in the presence of both beautiful garments and intriguing models. This installation by Phoenix Keating brings to the audience the dark glamour of high fashion goth and the uniqueness of avant-garde styling and fashion. To me, I could see the heavy influence from the late and great Alexander McQueen, especially the full body sheer suit worn by the model at the forefront and the haunting make up artistry. 

Jesse Willesee

Well, well, well, what can I say? There's only one word to describe this installation, or rather, party: crazy. I feel like I was on the set for a photoshoot Terry Richardson himself would do for i-D or Oyster magazine, especially with the styling! One thing's for sure, this definitely gave me a break from the boring fashion scene of Sydney and to the colourful rebellion of American youth.

This is how I want more and more fashion designers to showcase their collections - through interactive performance art. Hopefully, the fun of seeing fashion worn and torn in settings such as these will bring more local fashion designers to do so!

All images taken by me

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