Milan's Momentous Fashion

Jeremy Scott's latest collection for Moschino is an ode to the deceiving positivity offered by capitalist companies such as McDonald's

As the fashion weeks are drawing to a close, Milan has fed fashion followers worldwide with an array of collections worth wearing. It seems as though Italian designers want fashionistas to go for a more affirmative look for the dreary weather, which is certainly welcome to brighten up one's and other's winter days. Trends such as pastels, artistic patterns, bright orange, knee high boots, Pre-Raphaelite long sleeved dresses and innocent capes filled the designer's collections, allowing women to have choice. Overall, the historical, minimal and eccentric were the streams of fashion that dominated the runways.


Alberta Ferretti drew inspiration for their latest collection, but without swaying into the cosplay dimension, effectively done so by modernising the motifs into contemporary garments women wear day in day out. The luminance of the sunset colour palette only vivifies the beautiful details that adorn the garments, especially the lace and crumpled silks that are used throughout. An interesting perspective of the collection is that without these adornments, the collection would also do well with a straight to the point monochromatic colour palette, indicative of the collection's contemporary relevance.

Dolce & Gabbana continues with the royal motifs from the menswear collection, but the fantastical fairytale quality is what makes it differentiable. The grandeur of the Italian designer duo's collections are forever their signature, and they have damn well improved upon it every single season. Red riding hoods, mini dresses featuring intricate patchwork of woodland animals, crystal embellished handbags and golden meshwork footwear created the fairytale ambience of the show and collection. Amongst the innocent details, silver embellished headdresses and dominating gauntlets were seen in the finale, sharing commonalities with the menswear collection.


The designers from the minimal and understated fashion stream such as Bottega Veneta, Gabriele Colangelo and LVMH newcomer Marco De Vincenzo focused on offering a subtle approach juxtaposed against the resolute collections of others. Bottega Veneta showed - geometric prints amongst the abundance of pleating, which gave the collection an aquatic quality, Gabriele Colangelo layered ghostly materials in a structural collection that caters to the followers of dark fashion and Marco De Vincenzo unintentionally followed the same aesthetic as Bottega Veneta, but is distinguished by the rainbow colour palette and oversizing of outerwear.


And of course, last but not least - the eccentric fashion designers. Roberto Cavalli and Jeremy Scott wowed fashion elite with their complete change of aesthetic for the labels they creatively direct for. Roberto for his diffusion line, Just Cavalli, has surprisingly calmed down his often overly sexy for this season, throwing away the animal prints and leathers and opting for cosy wools in sombre colours. But, Mr. Cavalli could not resist adding shimmery gold to up the boldness. Jeremy Scott has used gold as well for his Moschino collection, with most of the garments an appropriation of pop art in fashion. McDonald's, Spongebob Squarepants, fast food and hip hop culture references are obvious, an ode to the deceiving positivity and elitism capitalist culture 

View the complete collections including beauty, backstage and details at www.fashionising.com

Images courtesy of Paolo Musa, Lea Colombo and Dazed Digital

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