Eye Beams

All thanks to Humberto Leon and Carol Lim from Opening Ceremony, Kenzo has taken over the fashion scene once again in recent years, particularly with their vibrant retake on the original designer's worldly prints (note: the Kenzo tiger). The revamped Kenzo label has now been dubbed a major rival of Givenchy and Balenciaga, and the Opening Ceremony duo have proved their ability to bring attention to the wondrous history of the Kenzo label with another motif - The Eye.

The label's Fall/Winter 2013 collection features the eye - a symbol of protection, good luck, optimism and the surreal in many Asian cultures, an ode to the Japanese origin on the Paris-based fashion house. Drawing from this, a Bollywood-inspired campaign has been released, featuring 3 models of different nationalities all dressed in Kenzo, set in an urban playground. The quick-paced video campaign truly reflects the vision of the original designer, Kenzo Takada - a world unified by the similarities and differences in world cultures, particularly fashion. Check out the video below...

Images courtesy of Selectism and Kenzo
Video courtesy of Kenzo

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