Walter Van Beirendonck's Reformist Fashion

Anti-terrorism, homosexual pride, body confidence and gender-bending androgyny. Walter Van Beirendonck, the quirkiest of the original Antwerp Six, always strive to stray from the mainstream. With his Fall/Winter 2015 menswear collection, the lumberjack looking designer aims to punch current social issues in the face.

At first, the oddness of the collection is apparent, but details that run throughout the clothing and the makeup for the show, are references to issues that need to be resolved. The collection started with a cat-eye clad male model wearing a clear PVC singlet with the words "STOP TERRORISING OUR WORLD" emblazoned onto it - an obvious provoking shout at terrorist organisations that have felt the need to exercise their distaste for humanity. Already off on a roll, the next singlet with the words "WARNING: EXPLICIT BEAUTY" subverts one's perception of the ideal body image by emphasising that the way one looks is already beautiful.

As the show went on, necklaces and brooches containing discreet homosexual sexual toys were commonplace. Although not as loud as the anti-terrorism and body confidence messages relayed, an unnecessary hidden pride of one's sexuality can be interpreted. Not a collection to be trendy, but a collection to push social reform.

Images courtesy of Dazed Digital

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