UK's New Fashion Hub

There are many fashion hubs around the world that almost everyone knows - London, Milan, Paris, New York being the obvious examples, but there are some that have been forgotten amongst the monumental influence of the major cities. The resurrection of a once flourishing London Borough whose textiles and fashion industry was the centre of the capital city, named Hackney, is underway. The Hackney Fashion Hub (pictured above) is set to be the new home for young and emerging fashion designers, as this centre provides support for start-up fashion businesses, training and mentoring for passionate entrepreneurs in the industry, apprenticeship and training opportunities and work spaces such as The Stitching Academy and The Sampling, Alteration and Manufacturing Unit. Along with this, a trust will be set up to promote fashion events, initiatives and businesses within the area. On-site work has just began and the fashion industry worldwide is waiting eagerly for the hub to open.

For more information on Hackney Fashion Hub, head to www.hackneyfashionhub.co.uk

Image courtesy of Hackney Fashion Hub

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