The King of Fashion makes a stand for Equality

A depiction of the happiness of same-sex families
Karl walked out in the finale to thunderous applause for his social statement
Following Barack Obama's inauguration speech stating his support for equal rights to marriage, there was no better chance for other powerful and influential people to express their views on this contemporary social issue. Among the seemingly macabre Chanel Haute Couture dresses, two beautiful brides holding hands with a child symbolized Karl Lagerfeld's support for equality. Fashion Designers and Creative Directors have always had the chance to express their political and social views through their collections and shows, especially Vivienne Westwood and Martin Margiela, but the fact that the King of Fashion has made this stand is a sign that this right will be granted to all LGBT people all over the world in a matter of time, which will be a major progression in social rights. The combination of Barack Obama and Karl Lagerfeld's subtle protests will have surely given much needed hope to LGBT all over the world, and I am all for it.

Images courtesy of Fashionising

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