Mihara Yasuhiro resurrects Ophelia

Mihara Yasuhiro's appropriation of the famous painting
Image courtesy of WOW
The world-renowned minimalist Japanese fashion designer, Mihara Yasuhiro, has teamed up with the talented  fashion photographer Paolo Roversi and visual effects specialists, WOW, to bring back to life my all-time favourite Pre-Raphaelite painting, Ophelia by John Everett Millais. Whether or not the woman in the painting depicts death, afterlife, freedom, oneness with nature is all based on one's interpretation, and I am inclined to think that the revival of this timeless painting is a representation of the importance of visual arts in the fashion world, and vice versa. The modern appropriation of the painting is presented as a short film, screened at The Tate earlier this month, aptly named "Ophelia has a Dream".

The short film is available to view below

Video courtesy of Hypebeast TV

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